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Who we are

SOURCING INTERNATIONAL is not an exclusively Austrian undertaking. It is a joint venture formed by the fusion of Höllwarth Consulting and 42virtual. The two companies have existed for many years and have frequently cooperated successfully on large projects.

Furthermore, since our establishment we have maintained close ties with partners in Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and Hong Kong. Further cooperation partners in other countries will follow soon, since SOURCING INTERNATIONAL is an international consulting enterprise, not a national one.

This is because the previous cooperation among the partners of SOURCING INTERNATIONAL has led them to understand that the combination of their respective strengths, their many years of experience with large consulting mandates, and the country-specific peculiarities allows them to forge an exceptionally strong partnership.

The consolidation of these factors into a close and professional cooperation allows SOURCING INTERNATIONAL to provide excellent efficiency and offer a broad spectrum of services.

What we do

Digital transformation is currently occurring in all sectors and all enterprises – more strongly in some, and somewhat less in others as of yet. At any rate, the challenges are becoming greater and more varied.

The one thing that digital transformation absolutely requires are the new machines of our time, the machines of the industrial revolution we are currently experiencing and without which the digital revolution would not exist: social media, mobility, Big Data analytics, the cloud, and the Internet of Things.

Operating these machines requires modern applications, more computing power, more storage, and faster networks.

These resources can be provided on-premise in classic outsourcing models via cloud services, but will more likely be handled through a multifaceted and complex combination of hybrid IT sourcing.

And this sourcing also needs to be more adaptable than it used to be. IT sourcing must be able to react to new circumstances and challenges quickly.

But companies must nevertheless maintain efficient and transparent control of the entire structure and process. Their IT governance must be tailored to the new and adaptable multi-sourcing environments, otherwise control over core resources of the enterprise can easily be lost.

We at SOURCING INTERNATIONAL are convinced that digital transformation and the associated fast-paced changes can be negotiated effectively by applying a cyclic model consisting of elements that can be executed consistently, repeatedly and quickly as required.

Hence the SOURCING INTERNATIONAL approach builds on a life cycle model. We have successfully employed this sourcing life cycle concept in many projects, continually refining it along the way.

Furthermore, SOURCING INTERNATIONAL relies on an extensive toolbox of methods that we apply in each module of the cycle and adapt individually to the circumstances and requirements of the client.

Why us?

The SOURCING INTERNATIONAL methodology is an innovative model of values and procedures that has been developed and proven in practice over many years. We have established a comprehensive set of suitable tools, and we provide these tools to our clients in a way that allows them to successfully master their own digital transformation as required for their individual corporate circumstances.

We observe a multitude of international standards, using them to refine our own methods and tools. One of the most important characteristics of our activity, however, is that we act independently, thus allowing us to assume a “provider-neutral” position for the benefit of our clients.

With each of our projects, our goal is to make our clients capable of developing a suitable and adaptable strategy for their digital transformation and sourcing, and to support them in that development. We want to enable our clients to generate their own internal know-how in order to successfully deal with the design, transformation and operation of hybrid multi-sourcing environments. We aim to enable and support – not to implement in isolation and provide obscure results.

How we work

Document: IT Governance @ Sourcing International

The purpose of this document ensures that Sourcing International prevents data breaches and protects its own information as well as that of our customers, and to guarantee legal compliance.

Description of the digital tools & workflows, IT governance & procedures at Sourcing International as the baseline for the IT Security & Best Practice Agreement.

1. Introduction

Sourcing International works with different clients from small to large enterprises and supports digital transformation and modern IT sourcing. 

In order to leverage an effective, efficient and secure usage of modern digital tools and cloud services for communication, collaboration and data handling, Sourcing International uses several services to manage projects, clients and external teams. 

Correct usage of tools and the implementation of security and governance policies are mandatory for all members and partners of Sourcing International. Therefore, technical measures are implemented and corresponding legal agreements are signed by each employee  and partner of Sourcing International that has access to company or customer data.

All employees and partners of Sourcing International are obliged to sign an IT Security & Best Practice Agreement (ITS&BPA) along with NDAs before starting work on a client's project.

This document describes transparently: a) the digital tools used at Sourcing International, and b) the IT governance and security measures that have been implemented to protect our own data as well as that of our clients.

2. Digital Services Overview

Better safe than sorry. Preventing data breaches and security incidents is not an easy task: It requires constant effort, regardless of your organisation's size-but investing in procedures and concepts from the outset can make the process smoother in time.

This is why, since its establishment, Sourcing International has tried and tested various tools and workflows in order to ultimately decide what works and what does not work for its staff, methodology, data and clients.

We decided to trust a single vendor with our general communication system and internal activities.

Simultaneously, we have set up a professional environment for cloud storage with Encryption tools.

The features, security aspects & advantages of the solutions used by Sourcing International as well as our implemented technical and legal policies are described in detail in the document IT-Governance and Security @ Sourcing International which is digitally signed and made available for all our customers.