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Successful sourcing strategies identify digital potentials and their business benefits.


Successful sourcing is agile and increases efficiency in the transformation phase.


Successful sourcing transformations are well-planned, project-oriented and holistically designed.


Successful operation requires modern multi-provider governance as well as internal know-how.

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three international partner companies


several locations in several countries


years of experience in cloud evaluation


countries with know-how transfer


total years of IT sourcing experience


successful migration projects

About us

SOURCING INTERNATIONAL is not an exclusively Austrian undertaking. It is a joint venture formed by the fusion of Höllwarth Consulting and 42virtual. The two companies have existed for many years and have frequently cooperated successfully on large projects.

"The consolidation of experience in a close and professional cooperation allows SOURCING INTERNATIONAL to provide high efficiency and offer a broad spectrum of services."

Oliver Lindlbauer


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Von der Wirtschaftskammer Wien wurde - mithilfe von EuroCloud Austria - erstmalig eine offizielle österreichweite...

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Und genau deshalb gibt es die DSGVO (Europäische Datenschutz Direktive). Und genau das sind die Unternehmen, die dann...

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"Wir wollen keinen digitalen Wilden Westen"

| Dr. Tobias Höllwarth

Pointierte Statements beim ausgebuchten Austrian-Standards-Fachkongress zum Internet of Things (IoT).

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Eine einzelne Cloud in Betrieb zu nehmen, ist relativ einfach. Was es in der Regel braucht, ist ein Anbieter, eine...