The 7th INPLP conference


The 7th INPLP Conference was successfully held in Vienna under the auspices of EuroCloud Europe and organised by Sourcing International.

wThe International Network of Privacy Law professionals hosted its 7th annual INPLP conference in Vienna (and online). This year, members from 17 countries participated. Besides a wonderful dinner at the world famous restaurant Steirereck, this year's topics were:

  • Processing of Special Category Data
  • Zero breach obligations, Privacy law in South America and the Caribean
  • Gaia-X
  • The EU Data Act and business Opportunities for INPLP members

Special thanks to Odia Kagan, Katie Hewson, Bob Cordemeyer, Stephan Winklbauer, José Maria Alves Pereira, Adelina Iftime-Blagean, Peter Hense, Fabian Solis, Øystein Flagstad, Matija Jamnik, Rob Corbet, and Gege Gatt