Sustaining digital transformation through leveraging leading global SaaS solutions


Sourcing International partners with Freshworks to foster digital transformation in medium to large organisations, bringing valuable, easy to use solutions to teams that strive for combined simplicity and efficiency.

We are excited to announce today that we are partnering with Freshworks, a global business solutions provider trusted by 150,000 companies around the world, to leverage modern digital solutions in the D-A-CH area and support our customers through a wide-range of industries and challenges.

At Sourcing International, we believe that human resources are the most important asset an organisation can have and we always strive to bring an impact for people in our projects, first of all, and upscale the way they work.

This is why we have always promoted cloud solutions as agile means to achieve constantly scalable business objectives, whether customer needs can be covered by an existing vendor portfolio, or we have to develop the solution ourselves. An impact over the business' activity can easily be seen after, when teams strive for combined simplicity and efficiency.

How can Freshworks help us achieve better results for customers?

Countless organisations worldwide have opted for different strategies to upscale their digital processes and make the lives of their customers and also teams easier. By having access directly to Freshworks' experience through our partnership we can make sure that we'll deliver the very best practices combined with our tried & tested Sourcing International methodologies to achieve a seamless integration for your colleagues and business.

Some of the areas we've had experience working with and the effect that they can bring.

E-mail customer support

Implementing of a cloud-based customer support software that gives businesses everything that's needed to deliver exceptional support to their customers.

Live messaging

Through a modern communications platform built for teams to engage prospects and customers at scale - on the website, mobile app, in-product, and social channels.

Customer relationship management

A plug and play sales CRM that costs less, scales with businesses and is hassle free. With features like built-in phone, email, auto-profile enrichment, AI based lead scoring and activity capture, offering a lot more beyond mere pipeline management. Sales representatives can focus on selling and the CRM takes care of everything else.

Curious to find out more about how we can support your business? Give is a shout and let's get in touch!