Cloud adoptions differences around the world


Constantly extending your know-how and staying aligned with the latest trends, information or practices is a key point for us at Sourcing International. This helps us have an in-depth and up-to-date overview of digital transformation and how it happens around the world, not only in Austria or Europe.

We had a good read of author's Lee Atchison point of view after visiting 7 countries in 3 continents, all at once, about the common digital desire observed in organizations: how to leverage cloud technologies better and measure their effectiveness. Several worldwide trends that are impacted, first of all, by geography can be observed in the cloud usage and adoption.

#1: Cloud matters everywhere, but not universally

Cool fact: "…companies based in Australia and New Zealand tend to be faster adopters of cloud technologies… in Germany, however, it is the exact opposite"

#2: How you fix problems impacts the adoption of cloud

"In Europe, there is a tendency to fix things using solid, well defined processes and procedures using well tested and 'approved' methods"

#3: Which cloud is better?

The US trend is to head towards Amazon Web Services, while in Europe you can see a balance between the popularity of AWS and Microsoft Azure, but in both there are some exceptions that present themselves through an "allergy to AWS". This pattern is not so spread in Australia and New Zealand, however.

#4: Important technologies differ from region to region

Private Cloud, Containers and Kubernetes, Security, DevOps, Integration and Deliver Process Improvements, all having a different approach from country to country.

#5: Data sovereignity is universal

Different markets present a homogenous vision: be in control of and store data locally.

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