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“Many companies are currently experiencing a very uneconomical and conflict-laden situation between employees who want to make use of digital technologies and those tasked with protecting the company. This unproductive friction arises due to the absence of a standardized, cross-departmental selection and quality assurance process. 

This produces multiple issues for corporate management: There is a lack of cloud compliance that can later be relied upon. Digitalization potentials are missed out on and the lack of know-how itself becomes a risk.

Do you need professional help with the speedy introduction of efficient processes and stable compliance? We support businesses in all sectors, opening up new pathways and replacing unproductive friction with productive know-how generation.“


Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (Executive Partner)
Sourcing International


Potential starting point: Lack of a cloud strategy, unclear policy, unstructured evaluation, documentation or decision processes. 

1) Workshop introducing the phases of the project. Analysis of the corporate strategy, evaluation of the digital and IT strategies and design of a cloud strategy in multiple small teams. 

2) If no cloud guideline exists yet, a new guideline is formulated based on the current cloud strategy. 

3) Assembling the evaluation and decision process, templates and tools.


A structured and easily comprehensible text that defines the thrust and delimitations for the entire company.

Definition of the necessary framework conditions to be adhered to. The conjunction of strategy and operative implementation.

Evaluation and assessment tools adapted to the company thart allow the cloud competence team to appraise cloud solutions quickly and economically.

A multi-stage reporting system forming the basis for transparent decisions and thus the foundation of cloud compliance.

What our customers say...

Clemens Himpele

CIO, Vienna Municipal Administration

Sourcing International’s methodology not only helped us to compile central documents with magistrate-wide applicability – like a Cloud Strategy and a Cloud Compliance Guideline – in a very short time, it also supported us in implementing a contemporary use-case-based approach to the evaluation of cloud services. Using the provided impulses, critical questions, and field reports, all involved magistrate employees were able to work on the development of new processes and evaluation procedures suitable for our organization over the course of multiple workshops.

Georg Messner

Management Board Director, Raiffeisen Landesbank Kärnten

Sourcing International introduced us to the requirements of cloud compliance in a very short time via an extremely efficient process full of great theoretical know-how and comprehensive practical experience. Our new Cloud Competence Team was provided with the necessary knowledge as well as useful tools to prepare it for our entry into cloud usage.

Marcus Frantz

CIO, ÖBB Group

Cloud is not just preached—rather, the pros and cons are made transparent. What I appreciate about Sourcing International is the great experience that has been very helpful in the implementation and supervision of our process. It is a good combination of coaching and consultancy.

Dr. Rainer Kegel

CIO, Wiener Stadtwerke

Sourcing International supported Wiener Stadtwerke Group perfectly during its transition into the cloud age. The relevant topics were jointly outlined quickly, concisely, and professionally and subsequently made accessible to all employees in a comprehensible fashion. This is how I envision actionable and forward-looking solutions and professional work.

Helmut Mikulcik

Enterprise Architect, ÖBB INFRA

Departing from a sweeping “cloud: yes or no?” decision and transitioning to a use-case-based process that is documented and traceable. To me, this approach represents the greatest strength of the Sourcing International method.

Harald Gugerbauer

Commercial Director, OÖG

At the end of the day, all stakeholders are on the same page and understand the Cloud Strategy as well as its implementation in day-to-day business. The Sourcing International method has guided us through the process very reliably. Our strategy was defined within a few well-structured workshop days.

Bernhard Uhl

Team Leader IT-Procurement, twinformatics GmbH

We had the need to develop a cloud strategy for the VIG group, and in doing so had to reconcile many fundamentally different interests and viewpoints. Mr. Höllwarth was able to achieve this goal with his expertise and specialist knowledge coupled with a highly structured approach.

Harald Vogler

Head of Business Operations Management, twinformatics GmbH

With its immense experience and know-how, Sourcing International is the ideal partner for ensuring Cloud Compliance and developing suitable processes. Thank you for the competent, calm, and connective approach that contributed greatly to our project’s success.

Klaus Lutterschmidt

Chief Architect, Twinformatics

We already have a considerable amount of cloud know-how and several employees with cloud experience. What we lack, however, is a clear strategy, and it is in this regard that Sourcing International and its approach have helped us a lot.

Martin Hochreiter

Head of System Management, IT-Services der Sozialversicherung GmbH

Sourcing International’s outstanding competence and many years of experience with the cloud environment delivered the decisive aspects for the development and implementation of a modern and future-oriented Cloud Strategy and Cloud Governance at Österreichische Sozialversicherung. The excellent personal commitment and business vision of Dr. Höllwarth in particular contributed significantly to enabling us to use cloud services in the complex field of public contracting and executing the necessary processes efficiently.

Martin Icha

Head of Finance & Services, Austrian Gas Grid Management AG (AGGM)

Many thanks for your valuable, competent and very helpful cooperation, your services are highly recommendable. With your support, we have achieved precisely what we wanted with our outsourcing project.

Milan Momirovic

Executive Director, PhiAcademy GmbH

With Sourcing International as a supporting and advisory body in our digitization projects, we have succeeded not only in optimizing our core business processes within a short time but also in automating them in the best possible way considering the available options. Starting with the selection of suitable systems and/or service providers in the form of market observation and tenders, through the replacement of old applications by introducing the best fit, to project execution through appropriate management and coordination, we were supported in all relevant aspects with high-quality standards and appropriate competence. We are confident to have found a sustainable and promising partner for all digitalization matters.

Thomas Janisch

Head of Data Centre, ÖBB BCC

From the very beginning, it was necessary to sit the different stakeholders down around a single table and take their concerns and needs into consideration. We were able to implement the project very successfully together with Sourcing International.

Mag. Reinhard Kern

Member of the Managing Board, Österreichische Hagelversicherung

Following an introductory workshop with Sourcing International, we felt immediately and unanimously confident in the quality of the consultancy. The initiated project to establish a Cloud Strategy and ensure our Cloud Compliance confirmed our expectations and in part exceeded them. We particularly appreciate the insightful and accurate information provided by Dr. Höllwarth

Dipl. Vw. Florian Widmer

Director, Walser Privatbank

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth and Sourcing International supported us in establishing Cloud Compliance. Together we were able to define a policy for the introduction and control of cloud services within a very short time. I would like to highlight the outstanding technical and methodical competence of Sourcing International in this context, which enabled us to complete the project within two and a half months. We can thoroughly recommend Sourcing International.

Joachim Klein

IT Director, TransAustria Gaspipeline

We profit from Sourcing International’s many years of experience in the cloud business. Sourcing International supports us in addressing the most important questions quickly and implement the necessary steps in a compact fashion.

Rudolf Starzer

CEO, TransAustria Gaspipeline

We have hitherto been very successful in assuming a pioneering role in regard to Cloud Services, and I personally want to thank Sourcing International for its support. In particular, I would like to highlight that the organization enjoys my complete trust and is a consultant in the best sense of the word. I almost want to say: like a good personal physician. Thank you!

Alfred Stangl

Head of Demand- Portfolio Management, VIG/ Wiener Städtische/Donau Versicherung/twinformatics

The Vienna Insurance Group and its insurance companies were supported with abundant experience by Sourcing International in the development of a suitable cloud strategy and a use-case-based decision-making process. Thank you for the clear information.

Wolfgang Schmidt & Dir. Thomas Nussbaumer

General Manager & Head of Servicecenter ORG/IT, Raiffeisenverband Salzburg eGen

Sourcing International and Tobias Höllwarth in particular have made the topic of the cloud, which is becoming ever more important for banking institutions, transparent and put it in a nutshell with regard to our specific situation. The relevant strategies, policies, processes, and work templates were developed in a very short time, allowing us to make informed decisions regarding the employment of cloud services with ease

Hubert Wackerle

CEO, IT-Services of social insurance GmbH

Cloud services are a reality, and our cooperation with Sourcing International prepared our organisation perfectly for navigating this field. We have established a robust and transparent system that enables us to offer purposeful cloud services in a sensitive area like health services without having to relinquish security and full control.

Milan Momirovic

Executive Director, PhiAcademy GmbH

Sourcing International plays a key role in regard to our current goal of digitalizing the educational activities organized by PhiAcademy on an international level. With the support received throughout the entire product development cycle, we were able to transform a core set of processes within just a few months. PhiAcademy established a certification platform able of handling more than 12,000 graduation certificates per year, aiding over 400 trainers around the globe as well as coordinating our internal teams in 2 different countries.
Soon after deploying a first stable release, we identified further opportunities and ideas together with Sourcing International that were then actively brought to life as additional units in the certification system in order to achieve a fully-fledged Educational Management Module entirely aligned with our organisation's needs.

Günther Nowotny

Cloud Solution Architect, ITSV

We needed to address our heterogeneous group of stakeholders from Purchasing through Legal and software enterprise architects all the way to top-level management and establish a uniform understanding of the cloud. Sourcing International offers a strongly strategic approach to the topic of Cloud Compliance, and that approach helped us very much.

Dr. Heidi Verocai-Doenz

Member of the Executive Board, ALPENBANK Aktiengesellschaft

With Sourcing International, we were able to successfully implement a Cloud Strategy as well as a structured and efficient process for onboarding cloud services to meet new business requirements for our bank within a very short time.

Michael Kolb

ACREDIA Versicherung AG

Sourcing International accompanied our journey into the cloud, from compliance to operationalising our Cloud Management and beyond, with the utmost professionalism and competence. As one of Austria’s leading credit insurers, it was particularly important to us to develop a Cloud Strategy conforming to all regulatory and compliance requirements. Sourcing International showed us the way in this regard. It was a pleasure to work with the cloud specialists from the team around Dr. Höllwarth, making use of their profound practical experience and expert knowledge. We will continue to trust Sourcing International’s expertise in future to realise complex projects like Multi-Cloud Management quickly and smoothly.

Cloud Compliance

Sourcing International helps organizations formulate a clear cloud strategy, establish an effective cloud policy, evaluate cloud services quickly and economically and document all decisions transparently.

An extremely efficient process that is an integral element of the corporate digital strategy and thus of modern IT compliance. 


A standardized process for quality assessment, evaluation, reporting and decision-making has been defined and can be implemented immediately.

Efficient, quick and economical cloud quality assurance has been learned using tried and tested easy-to-use templates and has been established.

Cloud competence teams (IT, Procurement, Legal, Business, Security, GDPR) have been established. Additional internal know-how has been built up and supports the company’s position.


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