Sourcing International Touchdown 2022


Our annual retrospective with subsequent Christmas party has become a pleasant tradition – we call it “Touchdown”.

Every year at Sourcing International is marked by three special internal events: We begin our year with the Takeoff, organise the SI-Camp at the halfway point, and end the annual cycle with our Touchdown.

2022 saw the celebration of a successful Touchdown as well. We took an entire day in late December to review the year gone by and ask ourselves the following questions:


What went well?

How can we improve in the future?

What are our goals for the coming year?


It was a refreshing blend of an amusing team event with various games and challenges and a strategic planning meeting to promote the realisation of our goals.

At the end of this long and productive day, we proceeded to cook our Christmas dinner in several groups like every year. While one group prepared the appetisers, others took care of the desserts, the drinks, and so on. This makes for great fun and is more convivial than a traditional dinner at a restaurant. All in all, the SI Touchdown was a thought-provoking get-together and a wonderful culmination for our successful year.