Sourcing International Camp 2023


Boosting Professional Growth and Team Spirit in Flachau

We kick off our business year with the Takeoff Event and wrap it up with the Touchdown Event. At the halfway point of each year, we host the Sourcing International Camp (SI Camp). While we define our annual goals during Takeoff and assess their achievement during Touchdown, we use the Camp midway through the year to make necessary adjustments to our objectives.

Embracing the true spirit of teamwork and growth, the SI team travelled to Flachau for the annual SI Camp this summer. With previous editions featuring a blend of professional development seminars, team building activities, and outdoor adventures, the 2023 Camp was no exception.

At the heart of the SI Camp 2023 were twelve unique workshops, each led by members of our team. Covering all service areas, these sessions showcased the team’s collective knowledge and provided opportunities for learning and insight exchange. From gamified quizzes to engaging interactive challenges and dynamic team-based competitions, each workshop stood out as a unique departure from convention. And with each session more creatively inspiring than the one before, these experiences allowed us to refine and elevate our vision and strategy. Every workshop not only provided the team with a fresh perspective on various aspects of our work—they also reflected our shared commitment to continuous growth and learning.

While the seminars filled our minds with new ideas, the beautiful surroundings of the Flachau region invited us to engage in outdoor adventures. Ranging from early morning workouts or mountain biking to hiking to the top of Grießenkareck, these activities stirred our adventurous spirits and brought us closer together as a team. Playing bubble soccer and navigating the ropes course, we discovered new strengths and worked together to overcome challenges. Alongside these activities, our team also enjoyed the more relaxed side of Flachau: poolside downtime, BBQs, evenings at the campfire, and dining at local taverns rounded off our busy days. And of course, the camp would not have been complete without us diving into Flachau’s nightlife.

As the SI Camp 2023 wrapped up, positive vibes resonated across the team, reinforcing our collective spirit and sense of unity. The memories we created, the lessons we learned, and the bonds we reinforced have added a further layer of cohesion to our team. These shared experiences serve as a reminder of the strength of our collaboration as we navigate the year ahead. With the conclusion of the most successful SI Camp yet, we are already looking forward to our SI Camp 2024, anticipating more opportunities to learn, grow, and create lasting memories together.