The importance of implementing cloud strategies


Sourcing International (SI) recognized early on that the importance of implementing cloud strategies in various companies is steadily increasing. For this reason, SI strives to continuously improve their cloud compliance services and better adapt them to market requirements.

Cloud computing makes up a large share of digitization today. It often comes with many benefits, but also poses various challenges. From researching which solutions would be a suitable fit to evaluating, testing or implementing them, companies need to make sure their selection process generates the best possible results.

With this in mind and based on previous work experience, Sourcing International has developed and standardized a procedure to facilitate the adoption of cloud solutions tailored to specific company needs and to continuously enhance an organization’s cloud strategy.

This was possible through a carefully designed workshop based on a life cycle model and addressing each of the phases of such a transition: Strategy, Design, Transformation and Operation.

Combined with the close cooperation maintained with our customers, this has ultimately also enabled us to develop and constantly improve a cloud strategy refinement process that wraps around the workshop package.

The infographic published on our website presents this mechanism, which starts with the definition of an organization’s cloud strategy, encompasses the review and adaptation of its cloud policy as well as the assessment of compliance measures and the adoption of quality standards, and finally culminates in the establishment of a streamlined process that can be applied to evaluating & successfully integrating different cloud services.