Looking for a way to see how your projects are performing in under 1 minute?


Collecting relevant information about ongoing projects by way of periodical reports seems exhausting? heatfolio proves it doesn’t have to be by providing you with a full overview of current projects and visualizing their progress – including periodic status reports.

Oftentimes when everything seems to be going smoothly in your projects or your organization for a long period, there is a chance that you might be missing something by not being aware enough of the status and details of your projects.

That is why we saw the need for a dedicated portfolio reporting tool that would offer CxOs a quick overview over ongoing projects, and we immediately jumped on the opportunity to develop a lightweight SaaS service to fill that need.

heatfolio provides heatmap and monthly reports with the most relevant data required to efficiently monitor projects and develop mitigation plans before possible problems can snowball. It does so by offering the following functions:

  • easy reporting using a three-step procedure for each project
  • comprehensive reports on a monthly basis
  • overview of the current and predicted status of your organization’s portfolio of projects
  • assign roles to users and add them to departments according to your organizational structure
  • configure custom project fields, adapting the reporting procedure to your own requirements

We launched the heatfolio cloud platform at the beginning of 2019 and have been developing new features for it ever since.