New Member has joined the INPLP. Mr Olumide Babalola (Nigeria)


Olumide is the managing partner of Olumide Babalola, LP - his flagship full service law office with particular bias for digital rights, consumer rights litigation, class actions, employment and corporate commercial litigation et al. The awardee of the “Nigerian Rising Star Award” is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Secretary of NBA Lagos Human Rights Committee, British Nigeria Law Forum, Internet Society, Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, World Litigation Forum, International Bar Association and International Association of Privacy Practitioners.

Nigeria is often referred to as the “Giant of African Countries”. With 206 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. Nigeria is the world’s 24th largest economy according to the list by the IMF and is viewed as a multinational state as it is inhabited by over 250 ethnic groups that speak over 500 distinct languages. The capital Lagos (14 Mio inhabitants) is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the most populous urban areas. Lagos is a major financial center in Africa and has one of the largest and busiest seaports on the continent.



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