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“Many companies are currently experiencing a very uneconomical and conflict-laden situation between employees who want to make use of digital technologies and those tasked with protecting the company. This unproductive friction arises due to the absence of a standardized, cross-departmental selection and quality assurance process. 

This produces multiple issues for corporate management: There is a lack of cloud compliance that can later be relied upon. Digitalization potentials are missed out on and the lack of know-how itself becomes a risk.

Do you need professional help with the speedy introduction of efficient processes and stable compliance? We support businesses in all sectors, opening up new pathways and replacing unproductive friction with productive know-how generation.“

Dr. Tobias Höllwarth (Executive Partner)
Sourcing International


Potential starting point: Lack of a cloud strategy, unclear policy, unstructured evaluation, documentation or decision processes. 

1) Workshop introducing the phases of the project. Analysis of the corporate strategy, evaluation of the digital and IT strategies and design of a cloud strategy in multiple small teams. 

2) If no cloud guideline exists yet, a new guideline is formulated based on the current cloud strategy. 

3) Assembling the evaluation and decision process, templates and tools.


A structured and easily comprehensible text that defines the thrust and delimitations for the entire company.

Definition of the necessary framework conditions to be adhered to. The conjunction of strategy and operative implementation.

CLOUD TEMPLATESEvaluation and assessment tools adapted to the company thart allow the cloud competence team to appraise cloud solutions quickly and economically.

A multi-stage reporting system forming the basis for transparent decisions and thus the foundation of cloud compliance.

What our customers say...

“The combination of high technical competence with a practice-oriented solution approach made our cooperation with Sourcing International key to our success in implementation. Many thanks!”

Markus Frantz (CIO, ÖBB Holding)

“Sourcing International explained the topic of the cloud extremely well and conveyed a very positive approach to this complex subject matter. The two workshop modules were very well structured and coherent, and the balance between theory and implementation was perfect“

Harald Gugerbauer (Head of GesundheitsInformatik, Oberösterreichische Gesundheitsholding)

“Sourcing International was able to establish a uniform understanding regarding the topic of the cloud among our heterogeneous group of participants in a very short time. We have thus found a good partner for the development and implementation of our cloud strategy, cloud policy and compliance.”

Hubert Wackerle (CEO, IT-Services der Sozialversicherung)

Cloud Compliance

Sourcing International helps organizations formulate a clear cloud strategy, establish an effective cloud policy, evaluate cloud services quickly and economically and document all decisions transparently.

An extremely efficient process that is an integral element of the corporate digital strategy and thus of modern IT compliance. 


A standardized process for quality assessment, evaluation, reporting and decision-making has been defined and can be implemented immediately.

Efficient, quick and economical cloud quality assurance has been learned using tried and tested easy-to-use templates and has been established.

Cloud competence teams (IT, Procurement, Legal, Business, Security, GDPR) have been established. Additional internal know-how has been built up and supports the company’s position.


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